Achieving Good Standing

What does it mean to be in good academic standing?

As stated in the University Catalog, "students are in good academic standing unless they are academically dismissed, suspended, or on probation. Students on academic warning are still considered to be in good academic standing."

The minimum standard for satisfactory academic achievement is a GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Academic standing is calculated based on attempted credit hours (which includes transfer credit and credit earned at Mason) and cumulative grade point average (GPA). 

What is the retention table and what GPA is required for each category?

It is important to understand the retention table because the GPA required for each category varies based on credit level. Students that fall below a 2.0 GPA should meet with their academic advisor to review the retention table and discuss strategies for returning to good standing.

Credit Level Warning Probation Suspension
Attempted Credit Hours: Cumulative GPA Range: Cumulative GPA Range: Cumulative GPA Range:
7-16 0.00-1.99 ---- -----
17-29 1.75-1.99 1.00-1.74 0.00-0.99
30-59 1.85-1.99 1.25-1.84 0.00-1.24
60-89 1.95-1.99 1.55-1.94 0.00-1.54
90+ ---- 1.85-1.99 0.00-1.84

What are some ways to improve academic standing?

Each student is unique in the ways that they learn, the challenges they face, and the goals that they have for their education. Meeting regularly with an academic advisor allows students to develop an individualized plan for returning to good standing. When brainstorming with an advisor, students should discuss:

  • Retaking courses
  • Most appropriate course-load (full or part-time)
  • Resources at Mason to support learning and degree progress
  • Ways to engage with faculty
  • Impact of academic standing on financial aid]

How does CHSS support students seeking to return to good standing?

The college strives to provide personalized, learning-centered advising programs for our students. Within Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA), our goal is to encourage students to engage with their academic advisor on a regular basis, seeking support for their academic pursuits through their major department.

In collaboration with our departments, CHSS UAA conducts retention outreach that is designed to mentor students in their return to good academic standing and overall progress towards degree completion. A few of our resources are highlighted in the right sidebar.