Undergraduate Academic Affairs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Presentations 2012


1. Amish Burial Patterns in Whitehall Cemetery in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania

Student Author:         Elizabeth Jane Northcutt, Anthropology

Faculty Sponsor:       Bethany Usher, Sociology and Anthropology


2. Seaside Solidity: Emphasizing the Role of the Sea in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse

Student Author:         Lauren Lauzon, English

Faculty Sponsor:       Michael Malouf, English


3. Violence and the Sacred in the Mind of Bernard of Clairvaux

Student Author:         Andrew Pedry, History and Religious Studies

Faculty Sponsor:       Sam Collins, History and Art History


4. Measurement Matters: Trauma’s Impact on Religiosity

Student Author:         Jacob Quartuccio, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Patrick McKnight, Linda Chrosniak & Todd Kashdan, Psychology


5. Globalization Study in My Neighboorhood: Vienna, VA as a Showcase of Striking a Balance Between Traditional Local Roots and Strong Globalization Trends

Student Author:         Friderike Butler, Bachelor of individualized Study

Faculty Sponsor:       Johanna Bockman, Sociology and Anthropology


6. Russian Immigrants’ Perceptions of the Role of Online Communities in Their Assimilation to the New Social Environment in the U.S.

Student Authors:       Anna Gosteva, Sofia Rukhin & Pavel Gladkov, Sociology

Faculty Sponsor:       James Witte, Sociology and Anthropology


7. The Common Heritage of Mankind Dilemma: An Emerging Principle in the Global Commons Regime

Student Author:         Jasmine Carter, Public Administration

Faculty Sponsor:       Peter Balint, Public and International Affairs


8. Exploring Organizational Culture: The U.S. Army

Student Author:         Elizabeth A. Bray, Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor:       Julianne Mahler, Public and International Affairs


9. The Interaction Between People's Trust in Government and  Trustworthiness of the Government

Student Authors:       Rongrong Zhang & Miao Yu, Economics

Faculty Sponsor:       David M. Levy, Economics


10. Extra-Political Activism and Legitimacy: Exploring Perspectives Within Occupy Wall Street.

Student Author:         Kiel L. Weber, Sociology

Faculty Sponsor:       Lester Kurtz, Sociology and Anthropology


11. Ambition Curbed: Roanoke Bankers and the Panic of 1893

Student Author:         Timothy Daniel Furey, History 

Faculty Sponsor:       Paula Petrik, History and Art History


12. The Push for the Presidency: Post-War Political Party Development in El Salvador

Student Author:         Emily Zagone , Global Affairs

Faculty Sponsor:       Jo Marie Burt, Public and International Affairs


13. Soft Authoritarianism Versus the ‘Cult of Personality’: The Post-Soviet Realities of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

Student Author:         Abdullah B. Khurram, Government and International Politics 

Faculty Sponsor:       Eric McGlinchey, Public and International Affairs


14. Vladimir Putin: Successful Authoritarian Moderniser?

Student Author:         Emma L. Leahy, Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor:       Mark N. Katz, Public and International Affairs


15. Students' Usage of ICTs

Student Authors:        Victoria Koshurina & Irina Vorobeva, Sociology

Faculty Sponsor:       James Witte, Sociology and Anthropology


16. No Place to Call Home

Student Author:         Teresa Lee, Sociology

Faculty Sponsor:       Patricia Masters, Sociology and Anthropology


17. Theory and Praxis: Anti-Trafficking Legislation in European Union Member States, Candidate States, and Prospective Candidate States

Student Author:         Annabel Allen, Global Affairs 

Faculty Sponsor:       T. Mills Kelly, Global Affairs


18. The Role of Retailers in the Global Sex Slavery Supply Chain

Student Author:         Craig Chung, Global Affairs

Faculty Sponsor:       T. Mills Kelly, Global Affairs


19. Iraq, Human Trafficking and Prostitution

Student Author:         Leezan Omerbell, Global Affairs 

Faculty Sponsor:       T. Mills Kelly, Global Affairs


20. Globalization and the Trafficking of Nigerian Women to Italy: A Critical Analysis

Student Author:         Paola Moore, Global Affairs 

Faculty Sponsor:       T. Mills Kelly, Global Affairs


21. Child Trafficking in South America: Argentina as a Case Study

Student Author:         Ada Carolina Espinoza Tapia, Global Affairs 

Faculty Sponsor:       T. Mills Kelly, Global Affairs


22. Labor, Sex, and Organ: Human Trafficking in Nepal

Student Author:         Adriejiona Owens, Global Affairs 

Faculty Sponsor:       T. Mills Kelly, Global Affairs


23. Linking Cultural Memory and the Trafficking of Girls in Colombia

Student Author:         Angelika Albaladejo, Global Affairs 

Faculty Sponsor:       T. Mills Kelly, Global Affairs


24. Demystifying the Patriarchy: Women's Rights and Representations in America

Student Author:         Lily Bolourian, Government and International Politics 

Faculty Sponsor:       Angie Hattery, Women and Gender Studies


25. The Gendered Nature of Sports and its Implications for Girls and Women

Student Author:         Noelle G. Andreano, Sociology

Faculty Sponsor:       Joseph Scimecca, Sociology and Anthropology 


26. Bringing Victims Into the Justice System: An Analysis of Sexual Assault Policy and Practice

Student Authors:       Christine Burnett, Roshni Dhillon, Bryan Hrbacek, Bill Johnson, Kaitlin Miller, Karol Nangosia, Amanda Polis, Jessica Richardson, Melissa Ryan, Sherri Smith & Richard Thomas, Criminology, Law and Society

Faculty Sponsor:       Lisa Newmark, Criminology, Law and Society


27. Twelve Steps Toward Gratitude: Assessing the Relationship Between Gratitude and 12-Step Programs in an Incarcerated Sample

Student Author:         Angela Hall, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Linda D. Chrosniak, June Tangney & Jeff Stuewig, Psychology


28. The Eye of The Beholder: Promoting Positive Body Image in Young Girls

Student Authors:       Ciara Bush, Pre-Nursing; Chelsey Boulden, Communication

Faculty Sponsor:       Duhita Mahatmya, New Century College


29. “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Dog-gone-it, People Like Me”: The Effects of BMI on Self-Esteem

Student Author:         Irna May Connor, Sociology

Faculty Sponsor:       Shannon Davis, Sociology and Anthropology


30. Stigma Consciousness, Relational Decision Making, and Minority Sexual Orientation

Student Author:         Rachel Trump, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Michael Hurley, Psychology


31. Mental Illness Stigmatization Experiences: How Often, How Bad, and Who Stigmatizes?

Student Authors:        Alexandra D. Berman, Allison Bowman, Julie A. Montgomery, Alexander M. Nackley, Stephanie L. Powlen, David V. Hanna, Georgia Korologos, Caitlin M. Stauffer, Matthew S. Kendra, Jonathan J. Mohr, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Matthew S. Kendra, Psychology


32. Low Black Student Achievement and the Failures of U.S. Educational Policy

Student Author:         Ngalula Tshishimbi, Government and International Politics 

Faculty Sponsor:       Hugh Sockett, Public and International Affairs


33. Resume Screening Biases: Name Stereotyping and Ethnic Cue Stereotyping That May Prevent Job Applicants from Being Selected For Executive Level Job Interviews

Student Author:         Alan Lee, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Lois Tetrick & Linda Chrosniak, Psychology


34. Does Community Involvement Enhance the Academic Achievement of At-Risk Children?

Student Author:         Kelly Sowell, Integrative Studies 

Faculty Sponsor:       Duhita Mahatmya, New Century College


35. Eye Gaze Preference in Infants, Toddlers and Adolescents at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Social vs. Non-Social Stimuli

Student Author:         Rochelle Sceats, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Johannes Rojahn, Psychology


36. Social-Emotional Competence of Hispanic Children

Student Author:         Sandy M. Salguero, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Susanne Denham, Psychology


37. Typically Developing Children in Reverse Mainstream Preschool Classrooms: Outcomes From Kindergarten to Third Grade

Student Author:         Giorgia Picci, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Adam Winsler, Psychology


38. Predictors and Outcomes of Speech Delay Identification in Young Low-Income English

Student Author:         Margot Cabrera, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Linda Chrosniak & Adam Winsler, Psychology


39. "The Ability of DCPS to Prepare Students for College"

Student Author:         Jacquia Lenay Plummer, Sociology

Faculty Sponsor:       Shannon Davis, Sociology and Anthropology


40. Can Expression of Self-Compassion Affect the Outcomes of our Romantic Relationships?

Student Author:         Kristin A. Wymard, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Todd B. Kashdan, Psychology


41. The Relationships We Work For: Differences in Maintenance Behaviors Across Relationships

Student Author:         Brian Eberly, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Robert Pasnak & Keith Renshaw, Psychology


42. How Social Anxiety Affects Communication and Relationship Quality in Romantic Relationships

Student Author:         Diana Jafari, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Keith Renshaw & Linda Chrosniak, Psychology


43. Curiosity: A Buffer Against Perceived Social Rejection Within Romantic Relationships

Student Author:         Casey Gilchrist, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Linda Chrosniak, Todd Kashdan & Alex Afram, Psychology


44. Is it Friendship or Fiction?; An Investigation of Parasocial Interaction in the Digital Age

Student Author:         Julia Cowell, Communication

Faculty Sponsor:       Catherine Wright, Communication


45. Life on the A-List: A Theory of Distinct Social Groups in Networked Movements

Student Author:         Leslie Cook, Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor:       Suzanne Robbins (McDonald), Public and International Affairs


46. The Effect of a User-Friendly Web Design on the Number of Viewers on the Site

Student Author:         Priya Pansuria, English

Faculty Sponsor:       Robert Youmans, Psychology


47. Applying User Research Tecniques to Redesign the OnMason Blog Website

Student Authors:       Jaclyn A. Chintawongvanich, Art and Visual Technology; David C. Hawkins & Eric J. Blumberg, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Robert J. Youmans & Peter S. Nash, Psychology


48. Examining Positive Self-Guided Activities in Enhancing Work-Related Affect and the Moderating Role of Self-Efficacy

Student Author:         Amber K. Hargrove, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Seth Kaplan, Linda Chrosniak & Lois Tetrick, Psychology


49. Reducing Design Fixation Effects by Exploring the Interaction Between Environment and Individual Working Memory Capacity

Student Authors:        Jordan Higgins, Individualized Study; Melissa A. Smith, Mallory V. DeMarines, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:        Robert J. Youmans, Psychology


50. Attending to Ineffective Features in Design Fixation

Student Authors:        Mallory V. DeMarines, Brooke G. Bellows & Melissa A. Smith, Psychology; Jordan F. Higgins, Bachelor of Individualized Study

Faculty Sponsor:        Robert J. Youmans, Psychology


51. Improving Interrupted Task Performance Over Repeated Exposures: Understanding the Role of Learning and Fatigue

Student Authors:       Stacey Fernandes, Anuj Sharma, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Deborah Boehm-Davis, Psychology


52. Implications of Technological Exposure on Multitask Performance

Student Authors:        Palak Patel, Khadija Siddiqui, William D. Miller, Aaron Benson, Nicole Werner, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:        Deborah Boehm-Davis, Psychology


53. Resuming After Interruption: Exploring the Role of Planning and Execution Phase Interruption

Student Authors:       Cyrus K. Foroughi, Mahtab M. Farid, Nicole E. Werner, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Deborah Boehm-Davis, Psychology


54. Assessing Visual Discrimination to Augment Picture Discrimination Training

Student Author:         James Ethan Fayne, Bachelor of individualized Study

Faculty Sponsor:       Theodore Hoch, College of Education and Human Development

55. Nicotine Administration Produces Permanent Changes in Granule Cell Morphology in the Hippocampus

Student Author:         Abdullah Ismail, Neuroscience

Faculty Sponsor:       Linda Chrosniak, Psychology


56. The Effects of MAPK Inhibition on One-Trial Nicotine Conditioned Place Preference in Adolescent Rats

Student Author:         Taryn Brooks-Faulconer, Psychology 

Faculty Sponsor:       Robert F. Smith, Linda D. Chrosniak & Marjorie Battaglia, Psychology


57. Personality Traits Moderate the Associations of PTSD Symptoms with both Internalizing and Externalizing Symptom Severity

Student Authors:        Jordana Bree Van De Riet, Sarah Campbell, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:        Keith Renshaw & Linda Chrosniak, Psychology


58. Psychopathy and Distress-Induced Risk Taking

Student Author:         Kathryn Rich, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor:       Linda Chrosniak & June Tangney, Psychology

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