Undergraduate Academic Affairs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Research Symposium Oral Presentations 2014

Johnson Center Gold Room


12:00     Local Law or Global Game: The Power Dynamics of Transitional Justice in Rwanda and East Timor

Author: Victoria Jones, Global Affairs

Faculty Sponsor: Kathalene Razzano, Global Affairs


12:15     The Narco-Terror Nexus: Opium, Insurgency and Counternarcotics Approaches in Afghanistan

Author: Jawaad Ali, Global Affairs

Faculty Sponsor: Kathalene Razzano, Global Affairs


12:30     Drugs, Corruption, and Neoliberalism: The “War on Drugs” and the Rise of the Cartel

Author: Saira Bhatti, Global Affairs

Faculty Sponsor: Kathalene Razzano, Global Affairs


12:45     The Spectacle of the Human Body: Human Trafficking at International Sporting Events

Author: Isaac You, Global Affairs

Faculty Sponsor: Kathalene Razzano, Global Affairs


1:00        Religion and The Public Square: The use of Religious Text in Supreme Court Argumentation

Author: Philip Abbruscato, Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor: James Burroughs, Public and International Affairs


1:15        BREAK


1:30       Michelangelo's Representations of the Divine Heroine

Author: Deanna Gulick, Art History

Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Bauman, Art History


1:45        Salamander Migration and Population Monitoring in Warrenton, VA

Author: Melissa Fuerst, Integrative Studies, Conservation Studies concentration

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Thomas Wood, New Century College


2:00        Mobility in a Disappearing World:  Marc Augé’s “Fantasy” in Jia Zhangke’s The World, Still Life, and 24 City

Author: Hanna Kras, English

Faculty Sponsor: Tamara Harvey, Carla Marcantonio, English


2:15       Interactive Fiction: Finding its Place in the World

 Author: Krystin Thorson, English, Art and Visual Technology

Faculty Sponsor: Mark Sample, Tamara Harvey, English


2:30        Women Lean Into the Bar! The Negotiation of Space in an Irish Pub

Author: Belinda Molloy, English

Faculty Sponsor: Debra Lattanzi Shutika, English


2:45        Bulgaria, Poland, and the Soviet Union: Understanding Soviet Power in Eastern Europe through Examination of Domestic and Foreign Economic Policy of the Early 1970s.

Author: Timothy Bisulca, History

Faculty Sponsor: T. Mills Kelly, History and Art History

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