Undergraduate Academic Affairs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Research Symposium Presentations 2011


Zara Arshad, Psychology and Jeff Stuewig, Psychology

The Effect of Inmate Physical Attractiveness on Post-release Hireability and Employment Success (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsors: June Tangney (Psychology) and Linda Doss Chrosniak (Psychology)

Violet Boggs, BA Government and International Relations

Snyder v. Phelps: An Analysis (Oral Presentation) Best Oral Presentation

Faculty Sponsor: Laura Walker (Public and International Affairs)

Melanie Bozzay, Psychology

The Role of Different Painful and Provocative Experiences in Adolescent Suicidal Behavior (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Christianne Esposito-Smythers (Psychology)

George Buzzell, BA Psychology

Time Course of Spatial-Semantic Conflict during an Auditory Stroop Task Best Research Project Involving Information Technology (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Carryl Baldwin (Psychology)

Andrew Callander, BA Sociology

The role of social networking in music scenes (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Patricia Masters (Sociology and Anthropology)

Jessica Chang, Hibah Khan, Marilyn Vivanco - Psychology

Exploring the Roles of Spatial Memory and Goal Memory in Resuming an Interrupted Task (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah Boehm-Davis (Psychology)

Megan Chapman, Psychology

Eye-gaze and Perception of Facial Expression of Emotion in Autistic Children (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Johannes Rojahn (Psychology)

Vanessa Chapman and Holley Kieswetter - Psychology

Factors influencing multitasking strategies during distracted driving (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor:Carryl Baldwin (Psychology)

Najiba Hiba Choudhury, BA Art History

The Greek, the Renaissance, Orozco and High Art (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Michele Greet (History and Art History)

Jacqueline Coombe, BA Sociology

Considering the Effects of Television on Gender Ideology (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Shannon N Davis (Sociology and Anthropology)

Samantha M. Dudding, Psychology

Perceived Parenting Style, Marital Conflict, and Child Outcomes (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor:Dr. Adam Winsler (Psychology)

Philip Gibson, BA Psychology

Contextual Cues in Relation to Nicotine's Effet on Future Behavioral Preference (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Smith (Psychology)

Kristi Herndon, Psychology

Does a Childs Affect and Emotion Regulation Impact School Adjustment (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Susanne Denham (Psychology)

Alicia Hooper, BA Government and International Politics

Character Attacks against Female Public Figures in the United States: An Examination of Six Cases (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Eric Shiraev (Public and International Affairs)

Kelly D. Hughes, Psychology

The Effects of Creative Cognition on Memory Recall and Illusory Memory Production (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: James Sanford (Psychology)

Peter Kakalec, Neuroscience and Chance Sizemore, Psychology

Does increased dietary zinc in rats cause morphological changes of hippocampal neurons? (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Jane M. Flinn (Psychology)

Mary A Kavanagh, BA History

The Nicene Creed Standard: Finding the Non-Canonical Gospels within the Nicene Creed (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Randolph Lytton (History and Art History)

Sehrish Khan, BA Religious Studies and English

Liberating the Daughters of Eve (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Randi Rashkover (Religious Studies)

Erik Larson, BA Sociology

Technology in Society: Expectations and Impacts (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor:Lester Kurtz (Sociology and Anthropology)

Christina Lauderdale, Tabitha Ellis, Langley Hawkins, Komal Khan, Marilia Tellez Nava, Jessica Bonometti, Megan Day — BS, Criminology, Law and Society

The Continuing Policy Demands of Terrorism: Assessing the Views of Criminal Justice Professionals (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor:Linda M. Merola (Criminology, Law and Society)

Johnnie Lotesta, BA Global Affairs

A Phoenix Reborn: Revolution, Democracy, and Governance in Latin America and the Middle East (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Bhavani Arabandi (Sociology and Anthropology)

Katherine Miller, BA Anthropology

Plating Performance: The culture of performance art in restaurants (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor:Linda J. Seligmann (Sociology and Anthropology)

Olea Morris, BA Anthropology and Art History

Towards A Working Methodology for Community-Based Archaeology (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Alexander Benitez (Sociology and Anthropology)

Evan Novalis, BA in Global Affairs and Russian and Eurasian Studies

Expanding Out From the Steppes: The Growth of Transnational Film in Central Asia (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Julie Christensen (Modern and Classical Languages)

Nick Penaranda, Psychology

Generalizing ANN-Based, Neurophysiological Workload Classifiers Across Tasks (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor:Carryl Baldwin (Psychology)

Andrew Pedry, BA History and Religious Studies

American International Popular Prestige and the Barbary Wars (Poster Presentation) Best Project Involving Language

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Cynthia Kierner (History and Art History)

Ana Quijano, BA History

The Official History of the U.S Marine Band "President's Own" (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Cynthia Kierner (History and Art History)

Bethny Scheuerman, Bachelor's of Individualized Studies

Intimate Partner Homicide and the Legal System: Does Gender Bias Exist in the Courtroom Workgroup? Best Poster Presentation

Faculty Sponsor: Aaron Winter (Individualized Study)

Daniel Shiner, Economics

Richter's Warning: Economic Freedom and the Freedom to Emigrate (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Thomas Rustici (Economics)

Sabrina Speights, Psychology

Attributions to and Claims of Discrimination: Do Targets Blame Race, Gender, or Attractiveness? (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Eden King (Psychology)

Sofia Vivero, BA, Latin American Studies

False Positives in Colombia (Oral Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Randall Salm (African and African American Studies)

Gabrielle Webster,  BA Integrative Studies (New Century College)

The Irony of Patriotism (Poster Presentation)

Faculty Sponsor: Jaime Lester (Higher Education)

Sarah Waldron, BA Psychology

Non-Suicidal Self-Injurious Behavior: Dispositional Variables and Contingencies of Reinforcement (Poster Presentation) Best Overall Research and Scholarship

Faculty Sponsor: Johannes Rojahn (Psychology)

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