Undergraduate Academic Affairs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Research Symposium Presentations 2010

Award Recipients

1. Best Project Involving Language

Re-inventing the Trickster: A Nuanced Archetype (Poster Presentation)

Erin Farquhar, BA English

Faculty Sponsor: Tamara Harvey (English)

2. Best Poster Presentation

Supernatural Beliefs in the Vietnamese Culture of Eden Center (Poster Presentation)

Kattey Mayrose, BA Anthropology

Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey Mantz (Sociology and Anthropology)

3. Best Overall Research and Scholarship

The Accelerative Effects of the Looming Cognitive Style on Time Perception through the Internal Clock (Poster Presentation)

Mr. Yong-Bee Lim, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: John Riskind (Psychology)

What Makes People Angry? A Dissection of Daily Anger (Poster Presentation)

Thaihuong Nguyen, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Todd Kashdan (Psychology)

4. Best Oral Presentation

Print Media Coverage of Oregon's 2007 Tobacco Tax Referendum (Oral Presentation)

Eric Vitoff, BA Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor: David Wilsford (Public and International Affairs)

Other Presentations

A Release from Proactive Inhibition (Poster Presentation)

Sheri (Xiaoxue) Zhang and Abdullah Ismail — Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah A. Boehm-Davis (Psychology)

Adolescent Perceptions of Family Support, Problem Resolvability, and Self-view as Moderators of the Relation Between Parent-c (Poster Presentation)

Lourah Seaboyer, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Christianne Esposito-Smythers (Psychology)

An Analysis of New Media Communication Tools for the Workplace (Oral Presentation)

Susan K. Kilday, Individualized Study

Faculty Sponsor: Paige Wolf (Individualized Study)

Are Inmates' Perceptions of Stigma Accurate and do they Predict Post-release Functioning? (Poster Presentation)

Kelly E. Moore, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: June Tangney (Psychology)

Attachment Hierarchy and Emotionality in Children's Family Drawings (Poster Presentation)

Megan Gammelmo, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Susanne Denham (Psychology)

Coca, Cocaine, & Coercion in Latin America (Oral Presentation)

Edward Wilkinson, BA Latin American Studies and Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor: Linda J. Seligmann (Sociology and Anthropology)

Comparative Analysis of the Relationship between Tribes and State in Modern Yemen and Jordan (Poster Presentation)

Brian James St.Ledger, BA Anthropology

Faculty Sponsor: Jeffery Mantz (Sociology and Anthropology)

Complacency and Verification Behaviors with Automated Decision Aids (Poster Presentation)

Amira Mohamed-Ameen, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Raja Parasuraman (Psychology)

Conqueror, Lover, Murderer, Hero: Perceptions of Chingghis Khan (Poster Presentation)

Kelly Scrivener, BA Global Affairs

Faculty Sponsor: Julie Christensen (Modern and Classical Languages)

Criminogenic Cognitions in College and Inmate Samples (Poster Presentation)

Robert Dumville, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Linda Chrosniak (Psychology)

Culmore Bilingual ESL and Popular Education Program (Poster Presentation)

Pamela Krist, BA Foreign Languages, Nancy Palmer, BA Foreign Languages, Joelle Giron, BS Administration of Justice, Maria Lourdes Bezerr Da Silva, BA Foreign Languages

Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Rabin (Modern and Classical Languages)

Depression or Sadness? The Search for Increased Accuracy in Calibrating Depression Measures (Oral Presentation)

Simone Erchov, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Patrick McKnight (Psychology)

Effects of Office Layout on Job Satisfaction, Productivity and Organizational Commitment (Poster Presentation)

Leah Wolfeld, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Seth Kaplan (Psychology)

Ethnographic Study of Nontraditional Students (Oral Presentation)

Hattie Barker, Individualized Study

Faculty Sponsor: Terry Zawacki (English)

Interactive Effects of Catechol-O-methyltransferase, Brain-Derived Neurotrophin, and Age on Working Memory Performance (Poster Presentation)

Swati Mehta, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Pamela Greenwood (Psychology)

La Opinión: How the Mexican American Elite's Coverage of the Zoot Suit Riots Demonstrates Complex Identities in Wartime L.A. (Poster Presentation)

Rachael DeLaCruz, BA Latin American Studies

Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Karush (Latin American Studies)

Non Authentic Commodified Yoga (Oral Presentation)

Amanda Shaver, BA Anthropology and History

Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey Mantz (Sociology and Anthropology)

Predestination, Narrative and Patriarchy in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian (Oral Presentation)

Pierce Mitchell Harmon, BA English

Faculty Sponsor: Mark Sample (English)

Pro Se Framing of Legal Arguments in Administrative Hearings (Poster Presentation)

Komal Khan, BS Administration of Justice

Faculty Sponsor: Shannon Portillo (Administration of Justice)

Reducing the Disruptive Effects of Interruptions in Naturalistic Environments (Poster Presentation)

Holley Kieswetter and Sahar J. Alothman — Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah A. Boehm-Davis (Psychology)

Relationship between Contingency-Based Functions of Non-Suicidal Self-Injurious Behavior and Negative Affect (Poster Presentation)

Tamra Rich, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Johannes Rojahn (Psychology)

Religiosity, Spirituality and Substance Dependence Among Jail Inmates (Poster Presentation)

Michaela Lynch, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: June Tangney (Psychology)

School Readiness Among Low-Income, Latino Children Attending Family-Day Care vs. Center-Based Care (Poster Presentation)

Arya Ansari, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Adam Winsler (Psychology)

SLIC: Speed Limits for Inclement Conditions (Poster Presentation)

Vanessa Chapman and Tom Pritchard — Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah A. Boehm-Davis (Psychology)

Teaching Cops How to Talk: An Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication Curriculum for the Basic Police Academy (Oral Presentation)

Ashley S. Morgan, Individualized Study

Faculty Sponsor: Paula Nadler (Communication)

The Absent Student: Women and the Academies (Oral Presentation)

Kristen Korfitzen, BA Art History

Faculty Sponsor: Mel Nichols (English)

The Environmental Effects of American Individualism: A Critical Analysis of Sustainability (Oral Presentation)

David McAbee, Individualized Study

Faculty Sponsor: Thomas Rustici (Economics)

The Hero's Quest: Eliminating Bias and Gender Stereotypes in the Classroom (Oral Presentation)

Amy Kleiman, Integrative Studies (New Century College).

Faculty Sponsor: Suzanne Scott (Women and Gender Studies)

The Relative Contributions of Classroom Social Interactions in Predicting Pre-Kindergarten Children's Developmental Success (Poster Presentation)

Catharine Chavez, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Timothy Cruby (Psychology)

The Role of Relationship Attachment Styles in Eating Behaviors (Poster Presentation)

Erica Landrau, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Jerome Short (Psychology)

This Little Piggy Went to the Media: How the U.S. Government Caused a National Crisis in 1976 (Poster Presentation)

Carrie Kistner, BA History

Faculty Sponsor: Suzanne Smith (History and Art History)

Transparency Through Competition: An Argument for a New Emphasis on Sectarian Data in the study of Political Islam (Poster Presentation)

Margaret Albert, Economics

Faculty Sponsor: David M. Levy (Economics)

Understanding and Clarifying Distinct Positive Emotional States as a Gateway to Adaptive Self-Regulation (Poster Presentation)

Meredith C. Harlow, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Todd B. Kashdan (Psychology)

Understanding the Individual Differences of Interrupted Task Performance (Poster Presentation)

Jessica Chang, Gia Thi, and Hibah Khan — Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah A. Boehm-Davis (Psychology)

Understanding the Personality of Spiritual People using a Daily-Diary Approach (Poster Presentation)

Ian Masson, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Todd Kashdan (Psychology)

University 100: Examining the Effect of a First-Year Program on Student Satisfaction, Motivation, Retention, and Graduation (Poster Presentation)

Tiffany Cambridge-Williams, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Adam Winsler and Anastasia Kitsantas (Psychology)

Virginia Woolf's Domestics: Servants in Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, and The Waves. (Oral Presentation)

Meagan Dziura, BA English

Faculty Sponsor: Michael Malouf (English)

What Does Good Policing Look Like to the Street Cop? (Poster Presentation)

Joshua Fiveson, Chris Thompson, Ron Novak, William Helmprech, Karen E Leh, Joseph Montano, Andrew Beverage, Sarah Thornton, Helena Pocanic, Terri Hines, Katherine Shrum, William Johnson — Administration of Justice

Faculty Sponsor: James Willis (Administration of Justice)

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