Undergraduate Academic Affairs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Research Symposium Presentations 2009

Rhetorical Critisism of the IDf Spokesperson Campaign for Operation Cast Lead

Author: Jacob Abraham, BA Communication

Faculty Sponsor: Peter Pober (Communication)

Attributions of Leadership

Author: Laila Ahmadi, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Eden King (Psychology)

Minority Stress as Predictors of Change in Psychological Well-Being in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People

Author: Sarvenaz Allahverdi, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jonathan Mohr (Psychology)

Sexual orientation visibility as a predictor of daily mood in lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals

Author: Jessica Alva, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Jonathon Mohr (Psychology)

Ready or Not: Latino Teenage Parenting and the School Readiness of Children in Poverty

Author: Ana-Carolina, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Adam Winsler (Psychology)

Understanding the Real-World Effects of Interruptions

Authors: Zara Arshad and Young H Kim — Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah A. Boehm-Davis (Psychology)

Talking in the Middle: The Writing Fellow's Role in Interdisciplinary Writing

Author: Romina Boccia, Economics

Faculty Sponsors: Terry Zawacki (English), Victoria Rader (Sociology and Anthropology)

Quantifying the Complexity of Interruptions

Authors: Maren Davis and Xiaoxue Zhang - Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah A. Boehm-Davis (Psychology)

Balancing Civil Liberties and Security

Author: Megan G. Davis, BS Administration of Justice

Faculty Sponsor: Linda M. Merola (Administration of Justice)

The American Conflict: the Conflict between American Indians and the United States

Author: Kerry Desjardins, BA Global Affairs and Latin American Studies

Faculty Sponsor: Joni Finegold (Public and International Affairs)

Money & Morality: Psychopathy and the $5 Million Question

Author: Bronwyn Devlin, BA Psychology

Faculty Sponsors: June Tangney (Psychology), Linda Chrosniak (Psychology), Patricia Wanschura (Psychology)

Personality Predispositions and Situational Functions of Non-Suicidal Self-Injurious Behavior

Author: Kiara Elkin, Psychology

Faculty Sponsors: Johannes Rojahn (Psychology), Lisa J. Meier (Psychological), Linda D. Chrosniak (Psychology)

GMU Mesoamerican Collections Research Project

Authors: Lynn E. Godino, Elizabeth I. Arnold, Amber K. Cox — BA Anthropology

Faculty Sponsor: Alexander V. Benitez (Sociology and Anthroplogy)

Poems in Conversation with Early 20th Century American Poets

Author: Rachael Graham, BA English

Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Atkinson (English)

Developmental Trajectories in Crib Speech

Author: Mara T. Gray, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Adam Winsler (Psychology)

The Birth of a Nation: America's Literary Identity

Author: Jibril Hassan, BA English

Faculty Sponsor: Dave Kuebrich (English)

On Incorporating the Internationally Minded

Authors: Lucy A. E. Hochstein, Anthropology; Deborah Rose Guterbock (AVT); Roberta Angela Hamilton, Anthropology

Faculty Sponsor: David Haines (Sociology and Anthropology)

Emma: Power and Sexuality

Author: Kaitlin Huggins, BA English

Faculty Sponsor: Kristin Samuelian (English)

Do Politicians Really Listen? A Study of the Relationship between Public Opinion, the Print Media, and Public Policy Initia

Author: Alexander D. Innes, BA Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Colin Dueck (Public and International Affairs)

Interethnic and Interreligious Romantic Relationships

Author: Maryam Irshad, Psychology

Faculty Sponsors: Michael Hurley (Psychology), Linda Chrosniak (Psychology), Eric Shiraev (Psychology), Mary Kiernan-Stern (Social Work)

How does gender influence the way that conflict is expressed and managed in same-sex relationships?

Author: Mary Kate Johnston, Psychology major (Psychology).

Faculty Sponsor: Lauren Cattaneo (Psychology)

Advancing Communication Technology in Healthcare to Reduce Medical Errors

Author: Jennifer (Erin) Kelley, BA Communication

Faculty Sponsor: Melinda Villagran (Communication)

Interest Groups: The Third Ring in the Supreme Court Confirmation Circus

Author: Matt A. Kiehl, BA Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jennifer B. Bowie (Public and International Affairs)


Author: Geoffrey Lewis, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Shannon Davis (Sociology)

Predicting, Preventing, and Exploring Postcompletion Errors Using Visual Cues

Author: Richard Louie, Psychology

Faculty Sponsors: Greg Trafton (Psychology), Raj Ratwanni (Psychology)

ANTH 330: Peoples and Cultures of East Asia- Writing Fellowship

Author: Cait McPherson, BA Anthropology

Faculty Sponsor: Prof. David Haines (Sociology and Anthropology)

Individual Performance

Author: Svetlana Makarova, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Eden King (Psychology)

Writing Fellowship

Author: Louise Martin, BS Administration of Justice

Faculty Sponsor: Thomas McDow (History)

Political Stability Through Buildings: Minority Architectural Patronage of Michael VIII and Mehmed II

Author: Sana Mirza, BA Art History

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lawrence Butler (History and Art History)

Adolescent Exposure to Nicotine Eliminates Interhemispheric Asymmetry of the Basolateral Amygdala

Authors: Nadia Mollinedo and Hadley Bergstrom — Psychology

Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Robert Smith (Psychology), Dr. Linda Chrosniak (Psychology)

Death Squads in the Post-Cold War Era

Author: Christopher Morley, BA Government and International Politics

Faculty Sponsor: Jo-Marie Burt (Department of Public and International Affairs)

Subscribers to Mason Alert Increase by 5 Percent, thanks to Student PR Campaign

Authors: Brendan Murphy, Adam Bishop, April Foster, Lisa O'Mara, Mary Ann Traxler — BA Communication

Faculty Sponsor: Katherine Rowan (Communication)

The Effect of Zinc and Zinc Plus Copper on Memory

Author: Tizoc Perez-Casillas, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jane Flinn (Psychology)

Friendship During Middle Childhood and Emotional Competence: Interactions with Best Friends

Author: Samantha Rumley, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Susanne Denham (Psychology)

The effect of social interaction on subsequent nicotine exposure.

Author: Erica Sears, Psychology

Faculty Sponsors: Robert Smith (Psychology), Craig McDonald (Psychology)

Beset by Witches: Confession and Belief in Salem, 1692

Author: Michael J. Walser, BA History

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mack P. Holt (History)

Resuming After Interruption: What Changes Matter?

Authors: Nicole Werner, BS Psychology and Ashley Jennings, Psychology

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah Boehm-Davis (Department of Psychology)

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