CHSS Degree Requirements

In addition to completing major requirements, CHSS students must fulfill the college and university requirements for their catalog year. "Catalog year" refers to the course and non-course requirements of academic programs as stated in the school and college sections of a specific catalog.

College and university requirements that warrant careful planning by CHSS students include:

  • The BA and BFA foreign language requirement for intermediate proficiency in a foreign language. Students can meet this requirement by:
    • Completing a 202-level foreign language course offered through the Modern and Classical Languages Department (MCL)
    • Completing through EDSE 219, American Sign Language III
    • Transferring credit for the 202-level of a foreign language from coursework or applicable exam scores (AP, IB, CLEP).
    • Achieving the appropriate score on the foreign language placement test to receive a waiver of the requirement. Students who place into the 300-level of a language will be awarded 3-credits of the 202-level course in that language. 
    • Receiving a waiver by providing the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office with four years of transcripts at the secondary (high school) level or higher from a foreign institution in which the language of the instruction was other than English.
    • Receiving a waiver by providing the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office with proof of TOEFL exam specific minimum scores (non-native speakers of English). 
  • The Mason Core Natural Science requirement: students may not fulfill this requirement by taking or transferring BIOL 124-125.
  • The CHSS Non-Western Culture requirement: students must take a course approved as such, separate from Mason Core Global Understanding.
  • Graduation GPA requirement: students must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 to qualify for graduation. Students should also be aware of specific GPA requirements within their major courses.

In addition to the University Catalog, CHSS maintains an updated list of Mason Core and College Requirements that advisors are welcome to reference.