Frequently Asked Questions


I have been instructed to contact my Dean for a signature or other authorization or for permission or guidance on a college or university policy. Who is my Dean and what is the best and quickest way to contact them?

The Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences that handles all student requests, authorizations, policy issues. permissions, ad signatures is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. This Dean is also a good resource if you are having a particular problem or struggle in the course of the semester with classes that you need help working out. 
For the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, email, or call 703.993-8725.
For the Associate Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs, email

I need advising, who should I talk to?

Advisors are assigned based on a student’s major. If you are looking for academic advising, contact your major’s department. You can find a list of contacts at the following location.

I need to get out of a class due to a non-academic situation (medical/family emergency, military deployment, etc.). What should I do?

If it is before the drop and unrestricted-withdrawal deadlines, you should drop or withdraw through PatriotWeb. After the deadline, non-academic withdrawal requests can be made to your academic or student affairs office. For students in CHSS, you can find our withdrawal request form and all policies regarding withdrawal requests at the following location.

How can I take more than 18 credits in a semester?

Students can request a credit overload by downloading the form, and getting it filled out with an advisor. Then, it can be submitted to the dean’s office for review. There are minimum requirements to be approved, and overloads are rarely allowed in the summer semester because of the rigorous nature of the coursework. The request form and policies can be found at the following location.

I signed up for a class, and did not drop it online. I thought I would be dropped because I never attended; now what?

Students are responsible for their own enrollment and maintaining awareness of add/drop/unrestricted-withdrawal deadlines. With a few exceptions, unless your academic standing changes, we will not remove you from a course you have registered for. In this situation, you should ask for a withdrawal from the class. This request can be made to your academic dean. CHSS students can find the withdrawal request form at the following location.

I speak another language fluently; can I get a waiver of the foreign language requirement?

If you can show intermediate level or higher proficiency in a language, you could possibly be eligible for a waiver of the requirement. There are two options. One is to take a foreign language placement test through the Department of Modern & Classical Languages. These tests are offered for French, Spanish, Italian, etc. If they do not offer a test for your language, you should contact them to see if they can recommend a third-party official who can evaluate your language skills. You can find more information at the following location.

 If you attended a secondary level institution (high-school equivalent) where the main language of instruction was something other than English, it’s possible to apply for a waiver by providing 4 years of transcripts from the institution, along with a request form to the Undergraduate Academic Affairs office. Information regarding requesting a foreign language waiver this way can be found at the following location.

How long will my request take?

Most requests take an average of 1-2 weeks to be reviewed. In the interest of fairness we try to review requests in the order that they are submitted. The UAA office will be in touch with you via your Mason email account. The start and end of the semester are the busiest times for our office, and requests we receive during those time periods usually take longer.

I am a parent and I have questions about my student’s enrollment/transfer credits/grades/etc

We are happy to answer any general questions that parents may have. However, due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, the information we can give out regarding student’s private records is limited. If you want to discuss your student specifically, then an official FERPA release must be on file with the Registrar's office. Information regarding that can be found below.

Another school or institution needs verification that I’m a full-time student in good standing, where do I go?

The Enrollment & Verification office is part of the Office of the Registrar. They handle most certifications and you can find their contact information at the following location.

I want to take a class at NVCC and transfer it back, how can I do that?

Students who wish to take CHSS courses at NVCC will need to submit a Course Elsewhere request to our office for review. Please keep in mind that students who have 60 transfer credit hours, or who have taken up to 8 credit hours elsewhere may not be eligible to take a course at NVCC. Additional information and the forms regarding Course Elsewhere requests can be found at the following location.