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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Student Support Programs

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences strives to have supportive and learning-centered advising programs for our students.  We will continually add to our repertoire of advising outreach initiatives to ensure that all students feel that they get the direction and advice that they require to be successful students.  Check back often to see what else is new in Student Support Programs!

Retention Specialist

As an academic community, CHSS is dedicated to supporting students’ personal, professional, and academic endeavors.

Any CHSS student can request a meeting with a student development specialist within the college to discuss personal and academic goals, tackle any barriers they encounter, and develop connections to resources that can help them maximize their experience here at Mason.

To schedule a 30-minute initial meeting, please use the following link:

CHSS Retention Specialist Appointments

Note: Students do NOT need to register for an Acuity account to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Liz Bartles
Phone: 703-993-5498 

First Year Mentorship Program

The First Year Mentorship Program is a semester-long program available to select first-year students after their first semester. The program pairs upper-class mentors with first-year students to support their integration into the Mason community, both socially and academically. Mentors and students meet on a regular, one-on-one basis throughout the semester to develop the knowledge and skills that lead to success at Mason and beyond.

Academic Training Program

Who: Students below 2.0 after their first semester at Mason

What:  We will provide these students with one-on-one academic training with professional staff who are devoted to helping every student succeed.

When: Participants will meet with their trainers 3 times during the semester for 30 minute sessions to monitor their progress. 

Why: By identifying students' personal barriers to academic success and finding resources at Mason that will help them overcome these barriers, we will get students back on the path to success! 

Students are invited to participate in this program through an invitation.  If you believe that you would qualify for this program and would like to participate, please contact us at chssadvising@gmu.edu 

Resources at Mason

Students that would like extra support for their academics at Mason have a variety of other resources available to them:

Learning Services

The Writing Center

Math Tutoring


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